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Moody Press, Chicago published Elva’s first three books. All three of them sold close to 20,000 books.

Her fourth book, “Becoming Soul Mates—How to Create the Relationship You Always Dreamed Of” simplifies the many things she has learned about relationship from years of teaching, counseling, parenting, and being happily married. She didn’t want to wait two or three years to get it into print. In the meantime, Everett, Elva’s husband, had been writing a political and romantic thriller. They began to explore the possibility of creating their own publishing company. It was a daunting process.

Significant Books for You and Your Significant OthersIn 2003 Emidra Publishing was born. They named it for their grandchildren, Emily and Kendra.

Since then Emidra Publishing has become Family First Books and has published an updated “How to Get Kids to Help at Home”, “Teddy”, and “The Third Party”. “The Third Party” is a revision and shortened version of Everett’s first book, “Bullets for Ballot.