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“The left wing of the small jet tore through the plane just forward of Steve’s seat. Screams mingled with the screech of tearing metal and exploding cabin pressure. Instantly the compartment became a mass of flying drinks, hand luggage, and bodies.”

A gripping tale with tension and tragedy, this book also includes some sexual content, family challenges, religion, murder, and even political intrigue. It is a real page-turner beginning on page two when something extraordinary happens, provoking the reader to immediately dive in and grab a seat for the ride. Through surprising twists and turns, the author keeps the reader engaged.

Steve, the main character is partially inspired by a dying judge who spouts off, “Our government is just like my life. Honesty and ethics have been so badly compromised that the people have lost faith in it.” Steve retorts, “I don’t know about your life, but the government can change.”

Portrayed as an optimistic “glass is half full” man, Steve later considers running for high office and is demonized, threatened, and slandered. With idealistic values on many subjects, he regales the readers, and his family, about his views on separation of church and state, homosexual marriage, guns, the deficit, reducing the size of government, and his biggest issue—campaign finance reform.

The author writes in an informative, colorful style exposing the routine of one man’s rather ordinary life; then suddenly a new crisis hits, which yanks the reader from their comfort zone to a place of tension and curiosity again. A sinister plot by “patriots” to take back the government plays into some real-life theories that the real terrorists are the right wingers and ex-military, rather than the al Qaeda, who blew up buildings and killed thousands on U.S. soil. More than just a dramatic story, the reader finds political agendas throughout. It will rile up some and impress others.





Will Rogers said it best, “We have the best congress money can buy.” The same could be said about our president. You could substitute the word, “worst “ in the above and still have it right.

Did you feel during the last election that you did not know for sure who to vote for? I did. There were so many lies being told in print, on the inter net, television and the news about the candidates and the issues that I did not know who or what to vote for. I cast a ballot, but I felt it never mattered what the outcome would be.

There is a saying that whoever tells a lie often enough it will be believed. Money does talk when you spend enough of it to buy adds on the media. It is hard to comprehend, how the Supreme Court could ever decide that money is a form of free speech. If money were not a factor in public decisions on how to vote, why would political parties send money to a charity in Arizona so it could be sent back to California to influence the elections there?

Politicians in Washington do the same thing only on a broader scale. As I have said in my book, “The Third Party”, we will lose our freedom to money interest if we do not have meaningful campaign funding reform.

This is the last time I will write about this subject. I am 82 years old and nobody cares what I say.

Gun Contol

A lot has been said and many suggestions have been made about what should be done to stop the killings with guns. Limiting clip capacity, background search of buyers, and outlawing assault weapons seems reasonable.

However, the suggestion that we arm teachers in school is ridiculous and very dangerous. A teacher and administrator for more than thirty years asked, “Would a loaded gun go in the desk drawer”? Even a locked drawer has easy access. Should a teacher strap a gun to their bodies while teaching science or leading students through Hamlet?  Would teachers go regularly to the necessary training?

What would really happen in a gunfight between a teacher and a killer in a room full of students? It is a terrifying thought.


A mistake:

I have a shotgun in my upstairs bedroom closet that I once used when I was a bird hunter. At the time we had Nombo, an exchange student from Japan, living with us. When my children were young, I proposed to them this hypothetical situation:

In the middle of the night a noise coming from down stairs wakes me. I grab the shotgun, load it, and open the bedroom door. I see in the dim light coming up the stairs a figure of a man with a gun in his hand. I asked them, “What should I do?” With one voice they, shouted, “Shoot him.”

I said, “Okay, I shoot him, but when I turn on the light I see Nombo dying there on the stairs. He had taken a shower and, so he would not disturb us, he went down stairs to dry his hair. What I mistook for a gun was the hair dryer.”

 My last Christmas:

In the middle of the night I heard a noise coming from downstairs. I take my loaded gun from the closet and creep down the stairs where I see a man stealing presents from under our Christmas tree. I point my gun at him and shout, “Stop and raise your hands.” He quickly turns toward me and shoots me dead. What good did a gun do me? I’m not a killer.

The gun is never loaded.

My son, who was less then ten, had a habit of pointing his cap gun at people and pulling the trigger. I told him that he should not do that. It was dangerous. He said “Dad, it’s not loaded.” I told him a gun is always loaded and never point a gun at someone unless you are prepared to kill that person. I could see I did not get through to him with my advice, so I slipped caps into his unloaded gun when he was not around. He understood the truth of what I told him when he pulled the trigger of his “unloaded” gun. I have read many accounts in the newspaper of people being killed by a supposedly unloaded gun. Did you know that removing the clip from many types of guns does not unload the chamber? One Marine, that should have known better, killed himself while cleaning his gun when there was still a bullet in the chamber.

Two of my friends admitted to cheating in military training so they would qualify to carry a forty-five automatic. After several hours of training they could not hit a target twenty feet away. Are you an expert with a gun or are you like many who could not hit the inside of a barn with the doors closed?

In California there is a good law that requires gun owners to keep their guns out of the reach of children. They even sell locks that fit over the trigger to keep guns from being fired. Now all the owner has to do is politely ask an intruder to wait while he gets his gun and unlocks it.









Christmas 2012 is now over. As we pay the bills and wonder why we spent so much money on gifts. We may wonder why Christmas has become so commercialized.

The 12 days of Christmas originated from a pagan celebration years before Christ was born. People  celebrated the winter solace, the shortest day of the year, by parties and the exchange of gifts. It was easier for early Christians to adopt this holiday than to create a new one. We try to justify giving of gifts at Christmas by saying it symbolizing the gift of salvation or the love we have for one another.

Christian theologians do not know for sure the year or the day when Christ was born.

This Christmas was difficult for some of us to enjoy because of the terrible and scenseless killing of 20 young children and 6 adults at Sandy Elementary School in Connecticut. We  must remember that God did not kill those children. Man did with the use of man-made weapons. God does not control man or destiny unless we allow it. God did mot take away the future of those children. Man did.

We must have gun control. We cannot control mankind’s sick minds, but we can attempt to control the weapons like other countries do.

Change the campaign dsclosure game


Below is a quote from the Sacramento Bee by Trent Large:

It took weeks of legal suits and an emergency ruling by California Supreme Court to compel “Americans for Job Security” to reveal its hidden funding sources. The shadowy Arizona nonprofit caused an uproar by funding $11 Million of secret money into California , trying to buy results on Proposition 30 and 32.

The California Fair Political Practices Commission called it “the largest contribution ever disclosed as contribution disclosed as campaign money laundering in California history.” end of quote.

This is a not just a state problem. It occurs even more regularly in federal elections. That is why we should have all elections funded by taxes. We pay for election funding through every purchase we make and what is worse we have no say in how the money is spent.

In the book “The Third Party” there is an outline for a proposal to pay for all campaigns with tax money.  As little as five dollars per tax return would be required, The money would be payed to each candidate in federal vouches that would have to be signed bay the candidate and the recipient. Vouchers would be sent by the recipient to the government for cash payment. The amount of money each candidate would receiver would be the same for each candidate ruling for the same office and would be an amount proportional to the number of constituents in his district. No candidate would be able to use his/her own money. All propositions and state campaigns candidates would be payed for in the same manner by state tax.

What I have proposed here may require a Constitutional amendment because of the irresponsible decisions of the supreme court that moey is a form of free speech.

We the people can do this. Write to your congressmen.

It’s over.

Are you as glad as I am that the elections are over? I voted but I’m not sure if I voted for the person I wanted and the issues I wanted, or I did I just vote for the way big money wanted me to.

Time Magazine said that the candidates for president spent 6 billion dollars on their campaigns. There were so many lies and misleading statement on television, the internet and printed material that I had no way of determining who to vote for. Did you know that more than $200 million was donated from faceless donors to get votes for issues or politicians?

There is a law that requires all donors of large amounts of money must be identified. Sounds good doesn’t it? We need such laws.

However, as soon as a law or regulation is passed politicians and other unscrupulous people find a way to get around them. In this case they donate large amounts of money to nonprofit organization that do not have to tell where the money came from. These organizations then donate money in their own name. Many of these so called non-profit organizations avoid getting identified before the elections are over. They man have such innocent sounding names as “Votes for a free America”.

This is why I favor all political campaigns to be funded by tax money in a way that the money can be followed. It doesn’t matter whether campaigns are funded with tax dollars or by donated money. You and I pay for it anyway with every penny we spend. The big money interests who contribute to political campaigns can’t lose.

If the campaigns go their way they make more money and if they don’t get what they want, we pay the bill anyway through higher prices. At least with limited tax spending we can follow the money. As the system is now representatives must raise their own money or sell themselves like prostitutes. Read the book “The Third Party” and tell me what you think of the plan outlined there. I encourage you to write your congressman, demanding something be done even if we have to amend the Constitution.


Did the debates help you decided who to vote for?

Did you listen with a closed mind?

Did you already decide whom you were going to vote for before the debates started?

The first two debates didn’t help me and unfortunately I will have to vote by mail before the third debate. I heard a lot of what they said they were going to do if they were elected, but very few detail of how they were going to do it.

The adds on television are so misleading and some are outright lies. I don’t believe any of them. If both parties are against the inflation and high taxes, why do we have inflation and high taxes? Why have we continuously been at war? Way do we have so much deficient spending?

Have you ever wondered why none of the people in banking, that caused the recession we are in, have never been punished? Some of them were paid high bonuses even while the government gave banks huge bailout funds?

I got an interesting e-mail yesterday. This is what it governmentwhat it said.:

  • You and I don’t propose a federal budget, the President does.
  • You and I don’t have the Constitutional authority to vote appropriations, the House of Representative does.
  • You and I don’t write the tax code, Congress does.
  • You and I don’t set fiscal policy, Congress does.
  • You and I don’t control monetary policy, the Federal Reserve Bank does.

One hundred Senators, 435 Congressmen, one President, and nine Supreme Court justices, 545 human beings (not counting the Federal Reserve Bank) out of 300 million are directly, legally, morally’ and individually responsible for the domestic problems that plague this country. Lobbyists have no direct responsibility for the mess we are in, but they are responsible for bribing politicians with huge campaign funds. It is the poor ethics of people in our government that causes our problems.



Money flows to lawmakers as final votes loom, writes Senior Editor Dan Morgain in the Sacramento Bee newspaper. Interest groups have sent millions of dollars in campaign donations to legislators in an effort to curry favor.

According to the national news last night, the President Obama and Candidate Romney raised 8 billion dollars for their campaigns.

That is not the worst of it. Any money from a nonprofit organization is not required to revel the source of its money. That is why large corporations and special money interest donate to these organizations.

That is only the beginning of the problem. Whenever any form of legislation comes up that will limit the money flow, the political parties will either not allow it to pass or they will write into the bill loopholes to get around it.

Recently the DISCLOSE Act never passed because it never came to a vote. A republican filibuster in the senate blocked it from ever coming to a vote. Not one Republican senator crossed the aisle to vote with the democrats on this modest reform bill, which would limit to $10,000 the amount labor union; billionaire or anyone else could spend on political advertising. This should not have been a partisan issue.

See the previous blog or read the book “The Third Party.” President George Washington was the first to warn congress about partisan politics.

Republicans Mitch McConnell, Scot Brown, Dick Lugar, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe and John McCain all once supported such reform, but not one of them voted yes on the issue. They voted the Republican Party line.

In the opinion of some of us, this was the death of integrity in Washington, D.C. It seem clear that we will never have democracy in this country until either congress get off their butts and make rules to take big money out of politics or we reform the Constitution to allow only equal federal spending for all parties. We the people pay dearly for politics the way we are. It costs us money in everything we buy, but more importantly the present system costs us our freedom.


In Pakistan, Taliban terrorists shot Malala Yousafzai (a 14-year old girl) because she dared to advocate schooling for girls. This act did more damage to the Taliban and Jihadists than all the guns, bullets, money and American lives we spent in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Support for Malala Yousafzai has spread around the world. People of the true Islamic faith have denounced the radical actions of the Taliban. There is no justification for actions of the Talibon in the Qur’an, the Islamic law or the teaching of the prophet Muhammad.

I repeat what I said in the book. “You can’t change a philosophy with bullets and money.”

“Any lasting change must originate within the minds of the Arab-Muslim world,” writes Thomas L Friedman.

We should phase out the war in the Afghanistan and concentrate on a campaign to tell the truth about the intentions of the US. We must talk to the religious leaders of Islam and other leaders of their government to clarify our feeling about religion, violent extremisms, education, women’s rights, and freedom of speech.

The people themselves must demand changes to their governments. We should withdraw our troops and stop sending money until they join the rest of the world in educating all of their people in science, math and philosophy and not just what was written in a religious book thousands of years ago.

The United States should never have gone to war in Afghanistan for revenge of what happened on 9/11 in New York, Neither should we have invaded Iraq even if they had weapons of mass destruction.