Becoming Soul Mates

A Guide to Becoming Soul Mates Forever

Most people believe that out in the world somewhere their soul mate exists. The trick is to find that person. This book shows what to do to become soul mates for a lifetime and to create the relationship you have always wanted.


  • The power you have to make the relationship what you want it to be.
  • How to create safety and let go of defenses.
  • How to understand the language of sex.
  • How to listen so your lover will talk and talk so your lover will listen.
  • Twenty ways to have fun getting close

Table of Contents:

  1. The Search for Intimacy
  2. Begin With You
  3. Create Safety Through Love
  4. Sex and Spirituality
  5. The language of Sex
  6. How To Listen So Your Lover Will Talk
  7. How to Talk So Your Lover Will Listen
  8. Resolve the Complexity of Talking About Feelings
  9. Make Differences Work For You
  10. The Parallel Path-Intimacy With God and Partner
  11. Have Fun Getting Close