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“The left wing of the small jet tore through the plane just forward of Steve’s seat. Screams mingled with the screech of tearing metal and exploding cabin pressure. Instantly the compartment became a mass of flying drinks, hand luggage, and bodies.”

A gripping tale with tension and tragedy, this book also includes some sexual content, family challenges, religion, murder, and even political intrigue. It is a real page-turner beginning on page two when something extraordinary happens, provoking the reader to immediately dive in and grab a seat for the ride. Through surprising twists and turns, the author keeps the reader engaged.

Steve, the main character is partially inspired by a dying judge who spouts off, “Our government is just like my life. Honesty and ethics have been so badly compromised that the people have lost faith in it.” Steve retorts, “I don’t know about your life, but the government can change.”

Portrayed as an optimistic “glass is half full” man, Steve later considers running for high office and is demonized, threatened, and slandered. With idealistic values on many subjects, he regales the readers, and his family, about his views on separation of church and state, homosexual marriage, guns, the deficit, reducing the size of government, and his biggest issue—campaign finance reform.

The author writes in an informative, colorful style exposing the routine of one man’s rather ordinary life; then suddenly a new crisis hits, which yanks the reader from their comfort zone to a place of tension and curiosity again. A sinister plot by “patriots” to take back the government plays into some real-life theories that the real terrorists are the right wingers and ex-military, rather than the al Qaeda, who blew up buildings and killed thousands on U.S. soil. More than just a dramatic story, the reader finds political agendas throughout. It will rile up some and impress others.




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Review on How to Get Kids to Help at Home

by Darla Knoth, Book Reviewer, Woman’s Touch

How to Get Kids to Help at HomeElva Anson is a qualified and capable author for a book of this nature. She is a licensed marriage, family, and child counselor. She and her husband Everett have three children. Mrs. Anson has written How to Get Kids to Help at Home to help parents train their children.

This book is based on the premise that children in America are not learning basic life skills. Children today are not reaching a level of maturity called “functional adulthood” until their early twenties. Mrs. Anson says, “By the time a child is 14, he should be able to do everything necessary to run a home.”

How to Get Kids to Help at Home is divided into 10 chapters. Some of the subjects discussed include distributing the work load fairly, holding family meetings, matching jobs to a child’s ability, making assigned work easy, motivating a child, using chore charts, and developing a child’s confidence.

“The ultimate goal – happy and independent children – is well within reach.” – Darla Knoth, Book Reviewer, Woman’s Touch

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How to Create the Lifelong Relationship You Aways Dreamed Of


Becoming Soul Mates

At the core of the human heart is the existential longing for intimacy. In an immensely helpful, practical manner Elva Anson’s book helps couples understand intimacy and its obstacles and learn solid means by which it can be achieved. She unravels the seeming paradox of personal autonomy and intimacy and in a healthy, encouraging way, emphasizes personal responsibility for experiencing it. – Paul A. Jongeward, Ed.D, MFT

“Becoming Soul Mates” is a whole new way of approaching relationships that is incredibly effective. It kept me reading all night. – Diana Davis – Marketing Specialist

During the more than 47 years Elva and I have been married, we have become intimate friends, better lovers, and closer companions by practicing the principles in this book. We learned to be soul mates. – Everett Anson