Diary of a Marine Recruit Mom June 2, 2014

Week Three

Well, you have been gone three weeks and are beginning week four of boot camp. Finally got letters from you and my “Mom” fears were confirmed, but my belief in you and your strength was also confirmed.  Jordan Ervin got his license Friday and is driving your car just like we planned. He has all his paper work ready for EMT class beginning 6/9.

May was waaaay emotional for me…May was waaaay emotional for me with both of my sons with such big life events, but I know I could not be any prouder. I used to want you to call but now know calls are generally not allowed for good reasons so letters are fine.

Several Marines have told me that after the next week and a half, although it will still be tough, it will begin to ease up somewhat. Glad you have friends and that the food is decent. I am looking forward to cooking all your favorites in August when you get back.

I love you

Stay strong

Ooh Rah