Diary of a Marine Recruit Mom June 9,2014

Week 4                      June 9, 2014

Today is the beginning of your 5th week already…yahoo! On the Marine Parents’ Website it states this is Martial Arts week. I remember your looking forward to it. Each week that passes gets a bit easier with you gone because I know you are getting closer to reaching your goal of gaining the right and title to be called a Marine. I am proud of you.  I know I fell apart like a “Mom” and cried a river of tears when you chose the Marines instead of other branches of the service. I am glad you followed your soul and your heart. It is the toughest of all boot camps but I have no doubts you can meet the challenge.

Your brother, Jordan Ervin’s EMT class is today–two sons in uniform. (smile) Nothing worthwhile comes easily. You both have to endure struggling to obtain your goals. It will make reaching them and your successes all the sweeter.

I love you, Ger

Stay strong-you got this!

Ooh Rah!!!