Diary of a Marine Recruit Mom June 16, 2014

Week 5                June 16, 2014

So it was Friday the 13th, Jordan Ervin was practicing taking my bp for EMT class, didn’t answer the phone twice. Then Jordan’s phone rings and it was you and NO emergency!!! Don’t know what you did to get that special privilege from your DI…but we were soooo happy to hear your voice. Although my Mama hearing detected stress, you sounded so strong!

Only 54 days til graduation. You know we have the countdown going on. So many of your Marine friends have befriended me and are so helpful helping me understand what you are going through and their support. Staff Sgt. Robert Lariosa and ALL at the Elk Grove RS are phenomenal-cannot ask for more support. The Marine Parent website is great too. It’s almost time to order all my Marine Mom stuff yahoo! Yes my dear son, Marines was the correct and best choice for you. The clock is ticking and soon all your weeks of training will culminate in The Crucible

………….I know you are looking forward to it, but I am that Mama Bear

So glad you are hanging tough and your true colors are showing…you got this Ger…as the weeks continue to pass the pride Jordan and I, as well as the rest of the family, keeps growing.



OOH RAH—–feeling proud.