Make Children Responsible for Home Work

Work is play for young children.

Work is play for young children.

Teach Responsibility

In the late sixties and seventies, researchers learned that hundreds of young people had grown up without learning basic skills. Now University personnel are saying incoming students who are brilliant and accomplished on paper have the same problem, but for a different reason. They call it overparenting.

In the sixties and seventies all three of our children were in a program for children who tested at the top third on achievement tests given by the school. It was called the Gate program. We worked out a time schedule with the children to set aside time for home work.

When my oldest daughter came home with a note from her teacher saying she wasn’t doing her homework, I let Janee’ read the note. I told her she would have to work it out with her teacher. I told the teacher, Janee’s homework is between you and her. She is given time at home to do it. I hoped the teacher would set up consequences that would help Janee’ learn to take responsibility for her homework. There is enough conflict between parents and their children. They should not be fighting with their children every night to do their home work.

Allow Children to Experience Consequences

Teach your children to take responsibility for their own grades and homework. Let them experience the consequences for failing to do that. Let them know you are available for help and support, but grades belong to them. Responsible adults don’t have their mothers reminding them of their responsibilities.

I don’t believe young children should be given homework unless they need to do make up work. They learn best through play. 10336685_10152216658164093_7790487396303758603_n