Speaking Engagements

Elva’s Speaking History

Elva began public speaking at a young age. She memorized stories and told them to church group audiences and women’s groups. In high school she and her debate partner won the Freshman Sophomore Debate, the first freshman team to ever win. She won the Reedley Lions Club speech contest and came in second at the Fresno County level. As an adult Elva has spoken at churches, schools, service clubs, senior groups, women’s retreats, women’s groups, teachers’ groups, couples groups. She has been on national TV and has done more than 70 radio interviews.

Topics of Elva’s Classes or Speeches


  1. Coping with Adolescence
  2. Meeting Diversity of Needs in Girls
  3. Celebrate the Special You


  1. How Can I Be Positive When I Feel So Negative
  2. Making the Best of the Golden Years


  1. Communication in Close Relationships
  2. The Difficult Skill of Listening
  3. Talking and Listening
  4. Barriers to Communication


  1. The Power of Love
  2. Creating Lifetime Relationships
  3. How to Improve Your Marriage
  4. Pitfalls in Marriage and How to Manage Them


  1. Getting the Family Together
  2. Mothers and Daughters
  3. Successful Family Meetings
  4. Differences are God Given


  1. Understanding Grief and Loss
  2. Coping with Death and Dying
  3. Healing the Broken Heart

Personal Growth

  1. Letting Go of Fear
  2. Dealing with Conflict
  3. Dealing with Crisis
  4. Coping with Stress
  5. Celebrate the Special You
  6. Live Creatively
  7. Healing Life’s Hurts
  8. How Can I Be Positive When I Feel So Negative


  1.  How to Get Kids to Help at Home
  2. Teaching Responsibility
  3. How to Keep Kids Dependent
  4. Foster Self-Esteem in Children
  5. How to Teach Children About God
  6. Positive Discipline
  7. I’m a Parent! Help!


  1. How to Become a Soul Mate
  2. The Power of Love
  3. Differences are God Given
  4. Winning at Relationship

Women and Relationship

  1. Women in Relationship
  2. Embracing the Feminine
  3. What It Means to Be a Woman
  4. Do I Have to Give Up Me to Be a Good Mother