Strategies for Parenting a Strong-Willed Child

You Can’t Make Me

“You Can’t Make Me” (But I can Be Persuaded) by Cynthia Ulrich Tobias has excellent suggestions for parenting any child although she focuses on the strong-willed child. If you believe your child is deliberately trying to drive you crazy or you have given up tryng to motivate a child who simply refuses to do home work or try to succeed, give this book a try.

Good Parenting Must Be Based on Good Relationship

If you have read my book, “How to Get Kids to Help at Home” there will be some overlap about some of the basics for good parenting. Cynthia’s book stresses the importance of prioritizing relationship with your children. You need to have a relationship your child wants to preserve. She also gives excellent advice on how to survive a meltdown. “It’s not authority strong-willed children have trouble with,” she says. “It’s how the authority is communicated.” Remember, you can’t make a child do anything and even from the beginning children resist that kind of approach.

Begin Early

If you can start at a young age to give your children responsibility for their own management, they respond well. By the time they are teenagers they will be able to make choices wisely most of the time. My book will help you with age appropriate ways of giving children responsibility. It also shows you an easy way to build relationship through regular family meetings. I highly recommend both books as guides to learning how to make your children capable and responsible.