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How to Create the Lifelong Relationship You Aways Dreamed Of


Becoming Soul Mates

At the core of the human heart is the existential longing for intimacy. In an immensely helpful, practical manner Elva Anson’s book helps couples understand intimacy and its obstacles and learn solid means by which it can be achieved. She unravels the seeming paradox of personal autonomy and intimacy and in a healthy, encouraging way, emphasizes personal responsibility for experiencing it. – Paul A. Jongeward, Ed.D, MFT

“Becoming Soul Mates” is a whole new way of approaching relationships that is incredibly effective. It kept me reading all night. – Diana Davis – Marketing Specialist

During the more than 47 years Elva and I have been married, we have become intimate friends, better lovers, and closer companions by practicing the principles in this book. We learned to be soul mates. – Everett Anson